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Malam Bag

Malam Bag

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Malam celebrates the traditional Balineses batik tecnique. 
Malam is produced by using Batik. Batik is a fabric, usually a cotton fabric, decorated with an ancient technique that makes Batik one of the main handicraft of Indonesia but also a real expression of art. The fabric is hand woven and made of beeswax and natural dyes such as mangroves and other plants.
Once the design is done, the wax is used to cover the parts not to be colored. Then the fabric is dipped in the dye and once dry the wax is removed in hot water.


Design: Malan
Material: hand painted cotton
Composition: 100% cotton
Lining: 100% organic cotton

Washing instructions: cold water handwash.


Any imperfections and differences derive from the cut and craftmanship that make the garment unique.

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